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Originally Posted by dopplereffect98 View Post

"EcoCruise control saves vehicle energy by slowing down acceleration compared to standard cruise control. Your vehicle may temporarily lose speed when going uphill. It can be switched on or off in the information display"
The ECO cruise control in the 2012 Honda Civic works the same way. So far, it seems like the easiest/best way to accelerate is to tap the "Resume" button and let the ECU handle the acceleration. When encountering hills, speed will drop about 3 mph before it starts to increase load. A single click on the minus button for the cruise prevents it from increasing load further to maintain that speed and lets it drop a little more. Once the hill is crested, a few quick clicks on the + button and you're back up to speed. It's very easy.

My non-hyper-miling wife is having no trouble getting >40mpg in everyday driving, which includes lots of short trips, and steep hills.

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