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Originally Posted by zxtuner View Post
That lead me to my next thought was how much could I improve my mileage with just a scangauge II?
It increases your awareness, and shows what works for the car and what is costing you extra fuel - that is what makes you save fuel.

The better you work with it, the more fuel you'll save.

I have been reading on hypermiling and going slow is alot let frantic and stressful just to stick to the right lane and putz along.
That alone will reduce your fuel consumption.
- by driving slower
- by braking and accelerating less

No-one's really going much faster in a traffic jam.

One thing I have found is that my commute home is about 60% stop and go. No changing that so I enjoy getting behind semis because I can leave 3-4 car lenghts and no one cuts in front of me
These guys want to stop even less than you do, so they're trying to keep rolling, and you can benefit from that.

I mostly started this because my car is a 5 speed and I hate clutching in and out in traffic so I avoid it by finding one of these guys.
Do you stay in 2nd gear ?
Try to avoid 1st unless you're actually stopped, and shift into 2nd right away.

If you can't stay in 2nd (or 3rd) all the time, do a short burst in 2nd (pulse) (or 3rd, depending on speed) , then shift out of gear into neutral, and let it roll (glide) . Repeat when speed drops too much / the gap widens too much.

My mileage used to drop like a stone in traffic jams - now using the above technique, it's sometimes going up due to the lower speed

You could use that technique in town as well.
On short stretches of road, accelerate to a speed that'll allow you to roll the remaining distance to the next light / stop-sign / corner, then shift into neutral and coast.

On longer roads, maintain a speed up to a point where it'll allow you to roll the remaining distance to the next light / stop-sign / corner, then shift into neutral and coast.

Hard-core hypermilers even shut down the engine while they coast
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