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Hi Craig,
I appreciate what you have said and do not wish to be drawn into a petty argument, whilst I agree on your point of 'lack of adjustability' to OEM ECU's, and you can understand the manufacturers reluctance to allow you to do so, the 600 ($1000) investment into a system like a "MegaSquirtPNP + Wide Lambda" is not that cost prohibitive.
Secondly your quote, "proprietary carburetor widely used on automotive applications", (ok, perhaps I have pulled this a little out of context, but bare with me) well this might have been true before 1995 but is no longer. If we wish to adjust the fueling on our 'modern' engines then we have no choice but to explore these options.
The farce of the NEDC (FTP-75) needs to be exposed for what it is, completely unrealistic of real world driving practice, the practice of over fueling (petrol) whilst on boost (+25%) to prevent catalytic convertors from over heating is not only a massive waste of a non-renewable recourse but can not be anymore ecolgically friendly than running a correctly fueld engine with out a catalyst, then theres the diesel particulate filters (or DPF) that save all the soot up in town and dump it all in the countryside.
Iv'e started ranting and have driffted of a bit but I hope you all get my point, so I'm off for a rest before they send the men in white coats to take me away.

Carburetors like dinosaurs once ruled their worlds, but even NASCAR has finally 'stepped up to the plate'
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