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Originally Posted by pete c View Post
It's not necessarily a case of ability, it is more a case of self-righteous doooshbaggery. Unfortunately it is fairly common.

These people remind me of the "take the lane" militant "vehicular cyclist" crowd. A "vehicular cyclist" BTW, is a cyclist that uses the letter of the law giving him full vehicular rights and duties to an absurd level. Folks like this haven't any problem with large backups of ICE powered vehicles behind them, even when a decent sized shoulder exists. I am a cyclist and even I want to mow these dipsticks down when in my car!
I had to quote that, So true.

Also I want to say that I have been side swiped by someone who was stuck behind a slow speed bozo in his dually pick up.
I approached the two vehicles from the slow lane,passing her, the person stuck behind the road hazard, She pull out into the slow lane to pass the said road hazard and hits me as i just pass her.
It was that slow driver who caused it, i told icbc that( my insurance carrier) they paid for repairs, the blame was put on the frustrated driver, stuck behind a incompetent slow poke.

The guy driving the dually pick up was in the fast lane going about 40 km in a 60 km zone.
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