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There are lie, damn lies and statistics.

-Mark Twain

So, I guess what you are saying is driving 3 mph over the limit is more dangerous than 3 miles under?

If you believe that, you are a moron, plain and simple.

Anyone whpo has spent much time at all on the road knows what happens when someone drives along at anything less than the posted limit on a busy road. Traffic backs up behind them quickly. People get frustrated, start tailgating and next thing you know, someone runs into someone.

Does this mean that the slowpoke is at fault? Technically no. Everyone is responsible to keep their vehicles under control. If you run into someone in front of you, you are at fault. BUT, this does not negate the fact that someone being an inconsiderate ass, poking along at less than the posted limit, created a condition that resulted in an accident. The "statistics" will not cite this, but, it is fact.

As for the 1 mph causing 2% more fatalities, I would like to see the data on that one. How accurate is it?

How do they know to the mph how fast the person was going?

They don't, generally, with that level of precision. They just toss a bunch of vague data in and work their spreadsheet magic.

Do not take this as an endorsement to speed wrecklessly. It is not. it is just pointing out that in certain conditions, driving a few over may improve flow, making things safer whereas driving just a few under the limit will quick quickly lead to unsafe conditions.
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