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I had similar thoughts recently when I realized that, with a certain amount of effort, I could get my summer average to 40 MPG.

My idea is a two position alternator switch. Position 1 would be "normal". Position 2 would shut off the alternator. The truck would continue to run off the standard battery. A second deep cycle battery would charge the standard battery through a DC-DC converter with about 14 volt output. The second battery would be charged from a flexible solar panel mounted on my topper and charge controller. I would want the deep cycle battery to be sized for four hours at 20 amps into the standard battery. The solar panel should fully recharge the deep cycle battery in 8 to 12 hours.

I don't think I'll ever do it, but it's a great thought experiment.
The vacuum gauge plus wheel covers helped increase summer 2015 mileage to 38.5 MPG, while summer 2016 mileage was 38.6 MPG without the wheel covers. Drove 33,021 miles 2016-2018 at 35.00 MPG.
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