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Originally Posted by lbeew View Post
The subject is "The most efficient way to slow down".

Using no fuel is a more efficient way to slow down than using some fuel. So compared to idling your engine in neutral, leaving it in gear is more efficient to slow down.
Nope, it isn't.
Because you won't get nearly as far when using DFCO - a.k.a. engine braking.

If the aim was maximizing distance without fuel, then this might not be the case.
We're all about maximizing distance and minimizing fuel.
Less about semantics.

But the subject is "most efficient way to slow down".

If the subject was to slow down with maximizing the distance you still travel, then this is another story altogether.
Nope, that's still the most efficient way

Staying on the throttle for longer than you need to be, because you're using DFCO / engine braking, is all part of the inefficiency.
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