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Pulse & Glide / EOC: Anyone rated their gallons per hour @ 0mph?

So I just started trying out pulse and glide on my 93 Civic DX hatchback and haven't done the final fill to see what my MPG has changed to, but it got me thinking on exactly how much gas my car burns when sitting idle. I travel 35 miles to work in just about 35 minutes and get about 39mpg, so by those numbers I'm going about a mile a minute and use .89 gallons per trip. That makes it roughly .0255 gallons I burn per minute. So it takes my car just barely over 39 minutes to burn a gallon of gas while doing 95% freeway driving and the rest city driving.

So if I leave the car idling for 15 minutes, I could find out roughly how much gas I could save per minute by having the engine not running at its minimum strain. Even going as far as wiring a stop watch to a starter kill to give me minutes I'm in motion and not running to get a good idea of how much gas I'm saving.

Are people already doing this sort of thing?

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