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Hi guys,

i replaced the earths on the battery which fixed all of my voltage drop issues:

i also added this distribution block on the firewall to the end of the extra 8ga cable run i put into the cab for any accesories i want to put in later on:

and installed my fire extinguisher next to the driver seat:

i also did my first fill up last night which was quite dismal, 6.98mpg... although most of the tank was either sitting still with the engine idling or at high load/high RPM while servicing and tuning the engine, so im not too worried about gaining lots next tank

its still not quite running right when cold and takes ages to get started but once its warm it runs great now

still on the to do list are change the oil (will be using 10w-40 synthetic as i have it laying around already), change the spark plug leads (already done the rest of the ignition system), and possibly a higher output coil, then a new radiator and electric fans to replace the crank driven one

i also need a new diff ratio, this is what mine currently is, which apparently means it has 4.11 gears which explains why its revving so high, now i just gotta figure out what ratio i want

thanks for lookin


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