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thanks guys,

according to my calculations i need around 2.9:1 to get the rpm down to around 2000 in 4th at 60mph, so either 2.73 or 3.08 are pretty close depending on availability (there is an F truck wrecker near me)

A 5 speed is also a possibility as a friend of mine has a similar year F100 ex ambulance with a 5 speed, not sure what gearbox it is but apparently is ex canadian if that means anything.

the price of the diff VS the new gearbox will determine which i do first, i need to go have a look at my friends car to see what gearbox it is too and hopefully find out the ratios

other than that i havnt done much in the last couple of days, the gas system is playing up a bit causing the car to not start until ive turned it over for a minute or more which is annoying, it only does it after sitting for a while though, after the first start it starts straight away every time which makes it difficult to diagnose. Im going to see a mechanic sometime soon so hopefully he will know whats goin on

thanks for lookin

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