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Well, I kind of fumbled my way over the threshold - let's see if this works.

The Model E, all electric, 1923 Ford Model T concept/race car (street legal)

This one is getting a 13" DC forklift motor to start, mounted mid-ship. AWD, and direct drive, through driveshafts to the both axles (solid in back, IRS diff up front. The ultimate plan is for EVO BLDC motors and Rinehart drives.

Schism, hybrid gas/electric 1919 Ford, door-less, street rod

(Eventually) turbocharged Honda engine in back, 11" SepEx forklift motor driving the front wheels.

Scrape, e-bike project, based on a 900 Ninja chassis - just getting started so just a couple renderings and a stripped down chassis pic for now.

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