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Originally Posted by Hogwit View Post
"My Commuti-car cost me $3,500 and 5 years later I have over $6,000 in it..." what do you mean? Are you saying that your labor would be worth $2,500?
That is out of my price range, but the $700 would've been fine, I would even be willing/able to go upwards of $1,200 for a much better one...
No, I paid $3,500 for mine that I drive every day, it drove when I bought it and had a 10 mile range with the batteries that were in it, I've spent over $2,500 on it replacing tires, wheels, batteries, speed controller, battery cables, battery charger, adding a DC to DC converter and installing LED marker lights, but those are all things that make it more user friendly and help with range and extend battery life, altho I did have to install the solid state speed controller and the battery charger because the stock parts wore out, right, I also had to replace leaf springs, wheel bearing and brake shoes because the parking brake was left on and wore the brake shoes out and the stock contractor speed controls are like dropping the clutch with your gas engine reved up to 3,000 rpm so that lead to a snapped leaf spring, the wheel bearing was annoying but a quick fix once I bought the parts but it wasn't cheap, so I'm closer to $3,500 in repairs/upgrades, not bad for a 31 year old car over the course of 5 years that doesn't use a drop of gasoline and is driven every day.
I ended up selling the Citi-car I had to HondaGuy72 (sorry I didn't get back to you about wiring! I was out of town for a week) and he's finishing the project that I started.
If you really want a C-Car, start telling everyone you know (that is how I bought the Citi-Car) then start posting Want Ads (With a photo of one) on Craigslist and any where there is a free bulletin board to place ads, when I posted on Craigslist I got 6 Emails back telling me about 4 of them that were around and I keep finding out about more of them! after all, there were nearly 7,000 of them built, for all you know there is one parked in the garage next door.

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