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Originally Posted by skyking View Post
which transmission do you have in that?
It has the A4ODE trans on it. Four speed overdrive. The shift points on it are not quite right but other than that it's solid. I just found a new ECM for this vehicle at the local auto parts store for $139.00. I'm going to change that out and see if that improves the shift points.

I see you've got 3:55 gears in you Dodge. I need to go to the Powerstroke forums and get some opinions on how much towing power I'd lose going to a lower (numerical) ratio. Diesels have so much low end grunt maybe it wouldn't be that much. Straight and level, no load, that should have a noticeable impact on mileage.

Actually with a lower numerical ratio, I'd just have to drop it out of overdrive a little sooner and downshift sooner on the hills. We have some of those around here.
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