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Smile real world injector flow rate

With a reaction time of 1 millisecond for a typical injector before it is fully open, i would not be concerned with what fuel injectors are in my engine. Start with a generic number for cal., and drive it to calibrate.
Two injectors in the same engine will not even deliver the same amount of fuel. So the the cal. is going to be the average of all the injectors.

If you want to get get an approximate number without driving, let a warm engine idle for 6 minutes, and record the pulse numbers. times 10 gives pulses per hour.
Some where around 30 to 50 times (your mileage may vary) the idle for 6 min. number will be approx. pulses for 60 mph for one hour.

Most VSS sensors are on the transmission.
Anti-lock brake signal would prob. work also.(insert disclaimer here)

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