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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
On a couple of points: I experimented with my old Chrysler sedan with FF/RR rake (torsion bar front suspension). Bringing the car "level" had a quickly deleterious effect on mpg (even when accomodating nose lift at higher speeds than the usual travel speed). Now, were that Class C mine and I were to use airbags to maintain a particular FF/RR rake or bias I would also use public scale weights to have a "look" at Front Axle weight changes (not just fender measurements), not just tire pressure rise (against load and RMA tables).

I would vote steering corrections per 100-miles traveled as the logical place to bring another "margin" into compliance iwth higher mpg as per the now-famous Cummins White Paper. With the oil field runs we make, the difference between the older CAT powered tractors and the brand new CUMMINS powered ones is likely more about overall front end wear than engine spec . . steering.

As to fueling: Same station, same pump is about as good as it gets. When I desire tank-to-tank "repeatability" I place the nozzle in the same position in the tank opening for auto shutoff that occurs at the same time: first clickoff. Yes, I can stand there and try to dribble in more . . not at all worth the time or energy (with a stock configure fuel tank. Quite a few DODGE owners modify the tank vent location to a higher point in order to take on another 1-3 gallons or so and avoid the "foam" problem. Involves dropping tank or removing truck bed). Can't say I'd go to the trouble on this even with the frustration of white noise on tank-to-tank.

Thanks for the pics of the vehicle in use. Looks "better" than I recalled; not "weird" or ungainly per what an older conservative RV crowd might consider . . no tradeoffs in that aspect!! I've linked back to this several times but no takers on those threads (unfortunately).

Maybe I'm just used to it but I kind of like how it looks. Next winter I hope to get my A&P guy to skin it with aluminum and then paint the whole rig to match. I'm not sure if that will help or not, depends on the paint job probably.
I'm going to have to ask him if the aluminum on a steel frame will cause dissimilar metal corrosion. I'm pretty sure it will, will have to find out what to do about that.

Slowmover am I reading the specs right, doe your Dodge have 3:05 gears in it? I know those 6 bangers are torquey but wholly canole. I must be reading that wrong. How much does your trailer weigh?

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