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Originally Posted by wyatt View Post
Adding some strakes made out of lawn edging may be advantageous. It will help channel more of the air from underneath in and over the underside of the tail, instead of letting it rush out in any direction it wants. The lawn edging is pretty tuff stuff, and several on here have used it for air dams and the like with very good success. You could use the same stuff for your front air dam unless you have something else in mind.

Basjoos has the same problem. On his AeroCivic, he dropped the drag so much that he could REALLY see MPG gains by upping the gearing, but he doesn't because having power in some situations is more important (to him) than having better MPG all around. With that being said, re-gearing based on the RVs new drag could significantly improve it's efficiency. You could also downsize the engine .
I'm going to make the first air dam out of coroplast so I can trim it easily if needed. Once I think I'm at the right height then I'll use the trim pieces you refer to.

Downsize the engine? Yeah, OK, I can do that.
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