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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
The Stout Scarab doesn't fit the template, but then the rear engine and cooling exhaust is unconventional, so obviously it has better aero drag than most cars.

The piece of history that we are dancing around is that the mid 30's is when paved highways were becoming more common, which makes it obvious that aerodynamic drag is a very important issue.

The two "solutions" to high drag is either streamlining or a bigger engine -- elegant design or brute force. We need elegant design for efficiency.
Yeah,she's no 'Template' vehicle but pretty 'out there' for her time.I wonder if he was 'committed' to the project in 1934 and carried it to conclusion.
The Dymaxion Car would have sent tremors through him.And you suspect that a guy like this would have his ear to the rails,watching for technological developments.
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