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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
I would love beautiful compound curves, but I don't think that is within my amatuer skill level.

Lets shoot for build-friendly to start with!
Here's something I did on the CRX "cause I didn't know any better".I established some attachment points,constructed a light frame out of cedar(it's very easy to cut and fashion),held together with angle brackets.Then I skinned it with panels of cardboard using push-pins.I started taping the seams with 1-1/2 inch masking tape,as I removed the pins.When I was finished taping I had a complete shell mockup.I did wet lay-ups of bi-axial fiberglass cloth and polyester resin ( all from The Home Depot ).When I thought I had enough thickness,I removed the unit from the CRX and dunked it in a galvanized stock tank,let it soak,and the cardboard essentially dissolved away,leaving the fiberglass shell.Built without a mold it was sure rough but with successive coats of BONDO automotive body filler ( also from HD ) and a lot of grinding and sanding,I finally achieved something smooth enough to prime and paint.P.S. I used 1-mil poly painter's disposable drop-cloth at the interface of the car to ensure a release and not ruin the finish of the car.
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