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Measure two or three times, cut once

Don't panic - I'm not cutting anything.

I set out the drive shaft, the transfer case, the front drive shaft, and my 'model' of the electric motor on a flat surface (my trailer bed) and slid everything together. Then I measured the total length.

Then I measured the total length from the rear drive shaft universal to the front drive shaft universal beneath the truck.

I have about 25 inches more space in the truck than I thought I would. Not that I'm complaining, but I want to know where I messed up.

The drive shaft length matches, the bolt holes to mount the transfer case are still in the place where I did the measurements. It has to be closer to the front of the truck.

I can't find it. I read the tape measure wrong, or it slipped and gave me 25 inches shorter, or I just measured to a different place in the front engine compartment. The drive shaft universal is pretty easy to identify ... strange.

The transfer case measures a bit further from the front of the truck than I was expecting. About 2 inches. It is possible that the rear drive shaft was not slid as far onto the transfer case spline as it could go when I measured the first time.

The 27 inch transmission (I'm told that the transmission length is actually 26 inches, as measured from the front mounting flange to the rear mounting flange. Don't include the spline that sticks out) will almost fit. I have about 2 inches of interference with the electric motor's 25 inch length plus a 1 inch clearance to the rear of the air conditioning rad. The rad can be removed, it just hasn't been removed as yet.

The transmission is stamped F and 21. It is apparently a hydromatic transmission. If I could trim 2 inches in length, there would be no interference at all. But I need a transition plate that fits around the motor shaft and bolts to the transmission clutch plate. I guess I need a bit more than 2 inches trimmed. Maybe 2.5 inches.

I'll call a couple of local wreckers and see what is available for the S10. I'll write down some info on the ICE engine and the old transmission. I'll bring the VIN as well. That should be enough to find out what will fit, and how much it will cost me.

Then I need to lay everything out square and check the measurements again. I am OK with being out by and inch or two when the measurements are rough. 25 inches is kinda scary.

Using the 40 HP motor through a manual gearbox AND through the transfer case gives me a lot of combinations for testing. I can try any or all of them. It does not leave a lot of room in the maximum weight for a battery pack, but testing options may be worth the extra weight. I won't be undersizing the motor in any case.

I seem to have misplaced a couple of the clamps that hold the front drive shaft to the transfer case. There are no bolts and no clamps that I can see. Maybe I'll ask about those as well.

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