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Cummins finally shipped me the new pre-programmed ECM, and I installed it last week. It works great.

We loaded in Connecticut last Wednesday night, delivered in Tracy, California yesterday, and Hillsboro, Oregon this morning.

We hit 35mph 3/4 headwinds all the way through Wyoming, and 40mph crosswinds through Utah. And then there was that rocky-mountain-thingy part. So the mpg went down a little.

But we still went coast to coast at 13.4 mpg.

Here are a couple of pics. The first one here is just like it says. From Gary, Indiana to Cheyenne, Wyoming. As you can see from the center top box, we are moving at 55mph.

I usually know how to spell Cheyenne when I'm not that sleepy.

Upper left corner is time. 3:04 in the afternoon.

We are doing 14.2 instant mpg at 17% engine load which means we are climbing. Level straight no-grade we would be doing 10% engine load and 17.5-18mpg.

The three numbers on the lower right mean 950.5 miles since I re-set the readout in Gary, Indiana. We used 67.4 gallons of fuel. Which came out to 14.1 mpg. We also averaged 14.1 from Connecticut to Gary.

Here is right after we got unloaded in Tracy, CA. I took this pic while still backed into the loading dock. As you can see, we went 3043.0 miles coast to coast. The lower right
2117.9 miles is the distance to where I re-set the display in Gary, IN. So for that 2117.9 miles we used 157.8 gallons of diesel fuel for 13.4 mpg.

Sorry for the poor quality of this pic. I have no idea what the white spots on the bottom of the display panel are. Dust reflections??

National average for Class 8 trucks is currently 6.5 mpg.

skyking - We're down at Jubitz in Portland, but I'm not sure which way we are going from here. If we do head up to Seattle, I'll let you know beforehand, if I have the time.
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