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Depends on the trip.

I recently drove back from San Diego to D.C. I averaged approx 70 mph, maybe a bit higher. The added time by reducing speed to 50mph (15 hours) would've cost me an extra day minimum, meaning another hotel stay ($50), 6 more meals ($30), and another day of pay ($160 @ the $20/hr listed above for 8 hours) = approx $240. I make more than $20 an hour, so my cost would've been much higher.

Gas for the trip was only $340... to save $240, we would've needed to get 104mpg @ 50mph. To save enough to offset the cost for me, the car would've needed to get ~2600mpg - enough to make the gas essentially free.

If I could have averaged 80 or 90 without any safety risks or risk of a ticket, I would have.

On a daily basis, the same does not apply (I am salary). I'm not patient enough to do serious hypermiling (and I believe many practices are inconsiderate to other drivers), but I do coast when no-one is around and generally drive with moderate attention to fuel efficiency. But, my time still has some value, so I drive accordingly. I don't race everywhere, but I'm not going to drive 50mph on the interstate either.

Its the same reason some people pay others to work on their car, mow their lawn, repair their house, etc. You only have so much personal time, and sometimes you want to spend it doing something other than driving A to B.

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