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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
If you can figure that one out, then you might make it rich, because at that point you would have lead acid batteries that last forever! battery makers say there is nothing you can really do other then keep them watered and keep them charged, people I know who install off grid systems say the battery desulphaters do help, they give a high frequency pulse to help prevent and reverse build up of lead sulphate, I have a device like this on my electric car and have a 3 year old pack that still has 35 miles of the 40 mile range left, I also have one on my electric forklift at work and it's not gaining life but that forklifts 10 year old pack is not showing further signs of aging.
I don't know of anyone who has done a blind test of a device like this, but I also haven't been able to find anyone who can say that a device like this causes harm or shortens the battery life.
There are different developments in the lead acid world, greensaver batteries have a better lifespan than standard floodies but are less resilient to overcharge.

There were several companies that worked on carbon nano-tube or carbon foam lead acid batteries, neither have made it, the one company that did is kind of sketchy. But there is promise there, although the cost is not likely worth the benefit but who knows?

There is also the so called tri-polar flooded lead cobalt batteries that went on the various mars space missions and on the moon rover. Atlas actually made a few batteries in central america with this design to great success because of its resistance to heat.

The cobalt greatly slows the rusting of the positive plate in a floody, the other part of the puzzle was supporting the battery plates in 3 locations and having reduntant plates combined with a battery acid pump so shorts do not occur.

These old batteries lasted 30 years for most of the folks that were lucky enough to get an old Mars EV prototype.

Trouble with any of these solutions is cost, they seem simple enough but likely would increase the lead acid cost excessively, might be worth it though.

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