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Well, I've got a degree in computer engineering (CpE), which is basically half electrical engineering (EE) and half computer science. I've worked as a hardware engineer, and now am a software engineer. I'm currently doing software support (which sucks), but it was a foot in the door w/ IBM, so I don't complain too loudly. However, since I've been out of the down and dirty tech stuff, I'm a little out of practice, but at least I still know the language.

If this type of stuff excites you I definitely recommend looking into EE or CpE. Comp Sci is all software and you'll never get to tinker with that. EE is very heavy in math, so be prepared for it, as in be able to ace Calculus I, because you'll use it in every class afterwards. Math is the language of engineering.

And re: your question about OBD - yes, you could do this via the OBD port, but it would require a lot more interfacing circuitry (like the obddiag board), and wouldn't work on pre '96 cars that didn't have OBD-II. The primary purpose for this project is to cater to those pre '96 cars. One of the bonus side effects of this is the fact that it's cheap and easy to implement.

And back on a related note, I received my 'duino so I'll probably piece it (or some of it) together tonight.

At dcb: Still haven't had the time to look up those ECU pinouts, but I have the service manual and entire wiring diagram for most Subaru Impreza years and some Legacy years, so I know I have it. If anyone needs a .pdf, lemme know.

I am still interested to figure out what I need to know about my injectors...

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