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Originally Posted by suspectnumber961 View Post
So....if you could buy a small econo-electric for $ could have a FREE CAR?
Some people would say that you would have a free car, so sure!
My electric car, after 5 years of ownership and updating a ton of stuff on it that was stock/30 years old, I figure I have around $6,000 invested in it including buying the car, so does that mean that it's better then free? sure, I also save a ton of time by not stopping at gas stations, I figure that my $900 battery pack for my electric car is costing me about the same over it's 5-6 year life span as the exhaust system and oil changes on my gasoline car cost me, oil changes alone cost around $50 per year because I use full synthetic oil, the differential in my electric car takes a single quart of gear oil and that is good for many years.

I don't think I'll ever buy a new car, nor will my parents, but I talked them in to buying a $6,000 used electric car as well and they are charging it off of wind and solar, it's clean, it's quite, it works.
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