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Originally Posted by NachtRitter View Post
Straight WVO is probably fine for older diesel engines (pre ~1990's?) but not so good for newer engines from what I understand.

this is a 2005 i believe, and my friend has a 2001 that we are preparing to do. my understanding that if the oil is clean enough there will be no problems. if the oil is heated and becomes 'thin' enough, it'll work the same as diesel!

Originally Posted by JethroBodine View Post
What did the fuel selector valve originally come in? I'm looking to do a WVO tank in my Jetta once I get the diesel up and running and hadn't done a lot of research on valves, yet. That one looks perfect for the job.
well, i'm not sure of it's original application other than it's for a truck (gmc, mabey ford) that is diesel and has 2 tanks. you can go to autozone atleast, and they'll show you it before you buy it, or they'll show it to you on the computer. it is perfect, after looking at tons of different types and ideas, this one is cheapest, easiest, and smallest. i've had one problem around 7000 miles, and it got 'stuck' between the diesel and WVO, so no fuel would go through. we credited that malfunction to 'bumping the switch' or 'having it stuck in one position'. autozone has a lifetime warranty on that part, so i took it back and had it changed out for a free new one! no harm no foul, learned how 'to operate' my switch that way.
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