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Originally Posted by niky View Post
Earnings via service only matter to dealerships. I've worked with and interviewed people involved with electrics on the distributorship level, and the price premium for electrics is hugely determined by the cost of their batteries. It's the biggest problem all electric start-ups have.

No conspiracy not to sell here. You could build an electric sans batteries with the same performance as a gasoline car for not tyat much more money... Only to have to be faced with the decision over whether you want to turn buyers away due to piddling range, or due to the thousands of dollars required to buy a battery pack with decent range or due to the huge bulk of the big, cheap lead acids you're using instead of ungodly expensive lithium ions...
But where would you buy such a vehicle? My point was that there would have to be a dramatic restructuring of the retail vehicle sales system. Current Dealerships rely on servicing to stay operating, they will sell electrics at a higher premium because they know that they will not be making that money elsewhere. Eventually the market will balance out as companies try to underprice their competitors. But remember, businesses make their profits, whether they sell snake oil or what the consumer wants. Well there is another option, businesses waste government grants like all the electric companies failing under the Obama system. Sustainable? Not yet! LOL

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