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New cars require not too much in the way of maintenance. With variable oil change intervals, those periodic maintenance earnings are few and far between. And then there are the people who come in for the first PMS interval, then do it themselves afterwards.

An electric is not necessarily completely maintenance free. There's brakes, controllers, suspensions... And if you package it right... say, lease-and-swap batteries... then the dealer can make money off of recharging and reconditioning batteries.

Then there's the straight lease and car-sharing models... Wherein the customer doesn't even have to think about maintenance at all, and you fold all the costs and earnings into the monthly lease.

You can buy karts, motorbikes, UTVs and the like from sellers who don't make any further money off of you until you order parts for something that breaks... So why not cars?

The dealerships don't wag the manufacturers. As we've seen over the past few years, after the meltdown, it's the other way around...
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