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2,000 Chrysler dealerships in the 2009 Financial Crisis

Plus it's hard to find stats on our failing economy due to the Obama Propaganda machine adjusting stats to look more favorable such as taking people out of the workforce prematurely to lower the unemployment numbers. America is going to be hurting from his progressive sugar coating.

As for the EV companies going tits up, just watch a network news channel once in a while and they'll start talking about it. Or just follow the upcoming Republican campaign efforts! (FYI I'm a libertarian and voted for Bob Barr in the last election) With grants in the hundreds of million dollar range, how are they failing in less than four years? Their Business models are not sustainable. Obama threw cash at the problem, why not create a market for EVs and Hybrids by forcing government agencies, the military, and the like to use only EVs and Hybrids. The market would adjust and we'd have full sized truck Hybrids in one vehicle reset. I also perversely enjoy the thought of Generals rolling around in Prii doing official business!

I am not saying that electrics do not have advantages, but I was illuminating that they also have disadvantages. Such as a lack of dealership set up or recharging infastructure ATT.

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