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1999 automatic Subaru Forester

I usually purchase old Japanese cars. My favorite was my first, a 1987 Honda Prelude Si, similar to what I have pictured, which is, or was, for sale in New Jersey from a place called JC Auto with only 23,000 miles!

The exceptions were the two times that I bought my dad's old Focus. The first had 250,000 miles and the second 200,000. After three months, someone drove into the first one. After three weeks, someone put a motorcycle inside the second one. I was about to start two summer classes, seven credits in six weeks.

Five years ago I bought a 1997 Nissan Altima in 2,007. I paid $3,400 and it had 97,000 miles. When I went looking six weeks ago, Altimas started at five thousand for the same year!

I went to the dealership where I bought mine to look at another, but they did not have it. I am 6'2", so their high-mileage Sentras did not interest me, when they pulled up in the Forester, which only had 93,000 miles. They showed me the inspection and they had repaired almost everything listed. I knew that it would get poor mileage, but I was running out of time, and I had not seen anything that I wanted.

The car is rated 18/24. I might be able to use the freeway half of the time, but I was consistently getting 18 MPG. I have made two trips to my parents' house, about 350 miles round-trip, and had 28 MPG coming down the first time. I posted before that I should be playing World of Warcraft. People talk about that being addicting, but I spend more time on this website. I need to start working with a temp agency until I have things settled with school. Meanwhile, I have very little money to try any of these modifications.

On my last trip from my parents' house I noticed that cruise control downshifted when going uphill, so I killed it, and drove as fast as I could without changing gears. I think that one time I dropped to 40 MPH, but then I coasted downhill. I had also used injector treatment and went 32 MPG that trip.

I had extreme difficulty paying attention in Anatomy and withdrew after four weeks. I need to find work, but most jobs for which I am qualified only pay minimum wage. I have a Bachelor's degree!

Note: Study something useful (not Spanish!)

I want to cover up my fog lights, which are dead or something. I am going to remove the cross members on my roof rack today. I also want to install that lawn edging. Besides that, everything else sounds too expensive.

When I can afford it, I want to start looking for something more economical, I just do not want to swap repairs for gasoline.

Well, I tried to keep that from being too long...

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