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sorry to quote you again, but you said:

Originally Posted by NachtRitter View Post
Straight WVO is probably fine for older diesel engines (pre ~1990's?) but not so good for newer engines from what I understand.
key word is PROBABLY, i'd bet alot-if not all in- that DEFFINATELY would fit in that quote better. Older diesels WILL run on multiple fuels, kerosene, off road, engine/petroleum based oils/distilates, vegtable oils, really any type of oil that has a CERTAIN viscosity-not to thick, not to thin- it'll run fine. keep in mind that most of that can be backed by books and research, but some is my opinion and experience.

I've seen a few NONsucces stories, but IMO their failure was most likely neglegence on the part of "cleaning" of the oil. It's a good idea to find a small or used water heater, fill it all the way with small pieces of stainless tubing, connect your fittings and have a good base of air bubbles, connect a small air pump/fish tank, now you've got a OIL DRYER. Little air bubbles will float up collecting water, and as the heater warms it lets the water evaporate when the air bubble bursts. if you've got the "picker skills" you'll find a small circulator or pump for circulating the oil as it heats and bubbles. "WET" oil WILL 'coke' the engine. very bad to try to burn veg oil and water, you end up with some kind of glycerine by-product i think.... that's just what i've seen, can anyone confirm or deny this?

Originally Posted by brucepick View Post
Nice writeup!

I am not bashing you at all, and i hope nothing sounds sarcastic. I APPRECIATE ANY AND ALL FEEDBACK, wether critisism or praise, i can learn or teach with either. THANK YOU and everyone else!
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