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Originally Posted by mwebb View Post
bad idea
your particle filter will fail
your engine will become clogged with doo doo
your EGR systems , both of them , will be clogged
the EGR cat converter / filter will be clogged
the variable vanes in the turbo will get sludged up
I don't think any of this actually applies in the case of a non-turbo '85 Jetta. Obviously no VGT vanes to gunk up. A quick parts search didn't give me any results for cat or EGR parts, which leads me to believe it wasn't equipped. Same for a particle filter.

As for the engine itself clogging up, it probably depends, as suggested above, on how well the fuel is cleaned and utilized. I'm sure if a mid-80's Benz can handle it, his Jetta can, too.
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