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Like tubing? do you know new rules changes for New Braunfels??

Hey, Here i want to share with people who love tubing and comal river is one of the best places in texas for tubing. The administration of the New Braunfels city has taken steps for the safety of people and the environmental enhancement.
first step is taken for the environmental improvement which is that you now can't use disposable cans within the city limit you need to transfer your drinks or whatever you have got to non-disposable containers first before entering new braunfels city limits. comal tubes store is one of the largest stores from where you can get these non-disposable containers as well as everything you need to have fun over comal river.
second rule is changed for the safety of the people the rule is that while tubing you are not permitted to use double tubes Which means the tubes which are above 5ft on diameter are not allowed on comal river for tubing. So be-aware of the changes as if you didn't follow these rules then you will have to pay fine it can be like $500.
If you want to get permitted tubes you can visit comal tubes which are providing cheap and best services of comal river tube rentals. Now they are also offering discounts i always use their services so i suggest you to use their services.

Whatever the rule changes are i wanna know if you like the new rules or not?? i personally think that this is a good move towards the development of the city.

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