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Originally Posted by orbywan View Post

Slowmover am I reading the specs right, doe your Dodge have 3:05 gears in it? I know those 6 bangers are torquey but wholly canole. I must be reading that wrong. How much does your trailer weigh?
3.73 stock anti-spin AAM rear axle. Single OD 6-speed manual. (305 horsepower with 555 LBS/FT of torque.)

I am considering going to the 3.42 ratio as on later CTD's (which have larger, more powerful engines) to accommodate my "low" GCW of a maximum 17k (truck can do much more weight, but the permanent nature of my rig -- home in all respects -- means I can afford to experiment as there won't be any commercial service or the need to do major contractor jobs as with a home, rental properties, etc as before [divorce]).

The 3.42 ratio would make me slow off the line (and in hillls/mountains), but would keep me much closer to the rpm range "sweet spot" for this engine in town or country. Living at 46-ft above sea level has some benefits at present.

The truck is currently at 7,936-lbs set for solo running (recent set of scale tickets to "see" total solo vehicle weight, and then wheel-by-wheel to dial in tire pressure against load; and then a second set will be done with trailer with & without weight distribution leverage applied [truck and trailer, together and separately]), and the travel trailer -- which has a GVWR or 8,00-lbs -- is currently at just over 7k. OAL is 63' of which the trailer and hitch is 36'.

But, remember, it's very easy for me to make weight changes as it is not with a Class C. I can move around in a skin of fron 14K to 17k fairly easily (although the lower number is not realistic, only possible). Another trailer (asap) may weigh more than this one. That, with a move to a mountainous state (altitude, not just up & down grades) might kill the 3.42 idea. While 1,000-lbs is no cause for notice in performance, a range of 3,000-lbs is.

Aero, for me, will be treating the vehicles separately and not worrying over combined results overmuch. Mods will be more about using the very least amount of force/time (steering, braking, etc) to affect vehicle motions. Then, aero will have it's place (for me).

I believe we covered propane in another thread . . my take was that a "gallon" of propane cost 3/4 as much as a gallon of diesel but with 2/3'rds the energy. Thus, unless adding a big horizontal tank to my truck for purposes of running a generator and thus also increasing the amount available to the travel trailer, the benefit to the truck was singly in extending the range of the diesel carried aboard (and not really a concern unless diesel had become more difficult to obtain). Propane needs to be nearly dirt-cheap to be of "true" mpg benefit.

Am pleased to read about the possible aluminum re-skin plus paint on yours!


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