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Never said I didn't like electrics, I am arguing the economics of getting production EVs on the market and building recharging infastructure. I plan on EVing whitey when his ICE gives up the ghost, decades from now.

I understand that electricity is cheaper than gas, that EVs have a flat torque band that delivers linear hp, that EVs are easier to maintain than ICE.
But I like a visceral feel to my steering so electric power steering is not there yet, and I acknowledge that ICE has the advantage on the highway, and gas is store energy much lighter than a battery.

I am about to get my wife in a family way, and we are looking at cars. Since our families live a days drive away, visiting family would mean renting a car ATT. Or I could buy an ICE or hybrid and just fuel up and go.

Check out my facebook page, if you feel like watching my progress.
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