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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
3.73 stock anti-spin AAM rear axle. Single OD 6-speed manual. (305 horsepower with 555 LBS/FT of torque.)

I am considering going to the 3.42 ratio as on later CTD's (which have larger, more powerful engines) to accommodate my "low" GCW of a maximum 17k (truck can do much more weight, but the permanent nature of my rig -- home in all respects -- means I can afford to experiment as there won't be any commercial service or the need to do major contractor jobs as with a home, rental properties, etc as before [divorce]).

The 3.42 ratio would make me slow off the line (and in hillls/mountains), but would keep me much closer to the rpm range "sweet spot" for this engine in town or country. Living at 46-ft above sea level has some benefits at present...

OK, that makes sense. 3.42 sounds low to me but I'm sure you know your stuff. I have a question for you if I may. Where do I go here in Tucson to get my Class C weighed? Do they have weigh stations at some truck stops?
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