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Originally Posted by HydroJim View Post
sheperd777- That's how I feel. I'm only 16, but besides playing professional baseball, my life's dream would be to open up a manufacturing plant that makes affordable efficient cars. Unfortunately, I don't have millions of dollars sitting around to do that so I have to hope for an investor. It would be really cool if you could get these into production. Not only is there a direct affect of saving gas, but this could completely change the economy by dropping the price of anything that is shipped. Plus, it would help the environment too

Keep up the good work
Hi HydroJim -

At 16, you have your whole life in front of you.

Try to find a way to make those dreams come true for your generation.

At 16, I was devising ways of making carburetors turning on and off in spurts to save fuel. Honest.

And when I was 16, gas was like 30 cents a gallon!

Bob Sliwa
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