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Well I think the 95-98 saturns are afflicted. dieselJohns truck might be, but he put a check valve in the vacuum system and is counting on the 02 sensor to correct maybe? Maybe john can go into detail about the side effects of the check valve, if any.

Oh, and Njay, it isn't throttle position, it is manifold pressure, and if someone knows map sensors and if there is a fairly standard way or routine to interpret them I'm all ears. We have a couple analog pins But I'm hoping that averaging and driving style combined with tank trueups will make it good enough for those cars affected, if a check valve isn't a suitable fix. It is ok if you are just working with one model like the fiesta to figure something out, but our target audience is every car that ever had electronic fuel injection, and then some.

Also, need more evidence that we need extra stuff to protect a $3.00 chip You are NOT going to like my extremely bare bones schematic

P.S. Looks good Andrew!

P.P.S. awillard, I need to come up with an editable field and a way to save/load the values in the eprom. Just chewing on it right now. I'm really hoping to get the code to a "cut and paste" only mode. Maybe with the easy cheesey setup if the eprom isn't initialized, (estimate your mpg at 40mph, then hold 40mph and press a button).

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