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But I really thought it was the fact that CVTs got a 6% boost and a dual clutch got a 7% boost that stood out most! Is that unicorn poop or due to the frictional losses common to CVTs.
The electric CVTs of Toyota and Ford suffer when one of the motors needs to provide torque near 0 RPM. The electric motor efficiency there is low. Belt type CVTs have some slippage.

It would be better to compare two similar cars with different (hybrid and non-hybrid) drivetrains.
Sure, but you'd also have to make sure they have equal performance, especially acceleration.
I think the Lincoln MKZ is a fair example, but the V6 is substantially quicker than the hybrid, 0 to 60 in 7.2 for the V6; 8.7 for the hybrid. The EPA combined is 21 MPG for the V6 and 39 mpg for the hybrid. (The list price is the same.)

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