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Thumbs up A gift for HHO Skeptics!

Helllooooo!!. (First, sorry by my english )

I'm really happy reading that LOT of sceptics about HHO here!. It's cool, there are sceptics about all in this world!. Specially if you don't test something

Most of HHO lovers, like me, began as skeptics, is normal in this life, no?.

Ok, first...

1. I want all you to read this:

2. Ohhhh, a Forum of Scammers?, of People wasting time writing fake things?
Testimonials!!!!!!!!!!!!! - HHO Forums - Trying to facilitate the production of HHO for the common folk.
Over 140 testimonial fake posts? :S
Over 3000 fake members on a NON-SELLING Forum?. Really?.

3. What a lot of "fake" information on an Open Source Forum!
Hydroxy Gas

4. More fake info? References Validating HHO Technology

5. NASA also speaks about fake things!

6. WTF!!!!!!! A 343 Pages Fake Open Source Document!!

Friends... HHO works, really...

Speaking seriously, some things have happened in HHO Boosters evolution:

1. 98% of HHO Sellers are Scammers
2. 98% of HHO Boosters are bull****! (inefficient!) Those that Scammers sell!.
3. Scammers sell **** systems: (that's a Wet Cell, inefficient, cheap, and bad!).
4. HHO Really let you run leaner without losing power or getting higher engine temps!, but you are adding Oxigen!, if you don't use an EFIE, Computer will send more fuel!. You need to use a CORRECT EFIE! with a Efficient HHO Cell! (Myth Busters tested this, but without EFIE! :P ).
5. There's a slim line between getting good results with HHO or not, that's the most big problem!. 99% people testing HHO systems, do a BIG mistake: Spending a LOT of Ampers for getting higher amount of HHO... There's a point of the best result, but is far away!. You need ~ 4Amps / 1L engine size ...

Sorry, I'm not in the english speaking level to fight with skeptics, for me is hard to write hehe.

Only I can say, it WORKS, but it have to been done CORRECTLY!.

In my Carburetted car I got ~50% more MPG after tuned correctly my HHO System + Carburettor + Distributor.

Regards. Gatech.

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