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Originally Posted by Gatech View Post
I'm really happy reading that LOT of sceptics about HHO here!. It's cool, there are sceptics about all in this world!. Specially if you don't test something

HHO Really let you run leaner without losing power or getting higher engine temps!, but you are adding Oxigen!
A few clarification requests:

#1> Please post the dyno charts of your testing that shows no loss of power.
( Or have you not done the testing? )

#2> How are you differentiating between the Lean Burn effects and the HHO effects? ( clarification of request: Lean Burn effects can be had without HHO ... for HHO to be worthwhile it has to contribute more than just those Lean Burn effects. )

#3> What % mix of Hydrogen to Water vapor are you using in your HHO? ( if it just H2+O2 , than HHO is the wrong term to use. )
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