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Originally Posted by monroe74 View Post
On the systems that I know about, the fuel pressure regulator maintains a constant pressure. But I'm definitely no expert, and I'd like to understand this better. What car has a system that works the way you described?
I'm building this for my car, a 2000 Ford Fiesta (it's an European model). The 1st version of this car came out in 1995/96, and already worked like this at the time. See the pic below, it's a diagram of the fuel supply system. It's commented in my mother tongue but the translation is:

1) Fuel tank
2) Fuel pump
3) Fuel filter
4) Injector rail or "injector feeder chamber", I don't know the exact English name
5) Injector
6) Fuel pressure regulator valve <- note that it is connected through a tube into the "air intake" ("entrada de ar")

The fuel pump pushes the fuel through the fuel filter into the injector fuel chamber, creating a pressure in there. That pressure is regulated by the valve (6), by creating a "difficulty" for the fuel leaving back to the fuel tank. But the "difficulty" varies depending on the air pressure in the air intake. And that's all I know, I'm the electronics/software guy

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