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The good old Commonwealth of Virginia passed a law that requires any HHO installation to pass the same emissions standards as the vehicle did when new. Try that with one of those vehicles that you "fool" into running leaner than it was designed to do, which makes the NOX emissions skyrocket.

Big fine if you do the installation and do not get it tested and not worth it when you get no better mileage.

I have $1000 for anyone who can make my Fiesta get 20% better mileage with a HHO installation that passes the same emissions test the car did when new. It's a 2011 model that has averaged just under 46 MPG for the last 4k plus miles.

Bring it on. We can both lay our 1 grand on the table and if you fail I keep your cash. If you succeed then you can keep my cash. You need to get the Fiesta up to 55 MPG.


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