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Originally Posted by Krieg View Post anyone familiar with the "Automotive X Prize"?</a>

Basically, it is an X prize to produce a production vehicle that gets 100 mpg.

Seeing as you all have a lot of experience with some cars that come close or meet that bogey, I wonder if you would critique my idea for an entry.
Welcome to the site. I am indeed familiar with it, and you have some interesting ideas.

I'd be starting with a '92 to '95 Honda Civic VX with the manual tranny (44 mpg EPA highway).

If you are familiar with the Import Tuner space, you know that there are a ton of performance mods for this car. I would be applying as many weight saving and efficiency enhancing performance mods as possible.

For example, you can get carbon fiber doors, fenders, hood, spoiler, air dam and hatch for this bodystyle. You can get weight saving polycarbonite windows. You can get weight saving aluminum control arms. You can get springs that lower the car dramatically. Lightweight seat are also available.
These all sound like they would influence the weight quite a bit, but at a huge cost burden, I would say to hold off on this until the end. Especially the spoiler bit,


On the efficiency front, you can get underdrive pulleys, headers, freeflow exhaust systems, cold air intakes, larger throttle bodies, and freer flowing intake manifolds.
I would be careful before adding any of these things to be honest. You have to remember that a fuel efficient engine does not a fuel economical car make. It's no help to use 20% less fuel per HP if you're making 30% more'll end up using more fuel in the end.

When working with the vx, it's best to take your design queues from honda, I think.

For some more unique items, I would be looking to replace the side view mirrors with backup cams (eliminate the drag due to mirrors). I'd be looking for some other more... unique hacks of the ECU to enable start-stop, cutting fuel on deceleration, and alternator cut out on acceleration.

It goes without saying that I would use low rolling resistance tires and a low drag suspension alignment (those aluminum control arms have a lot more adjustment). Also, some of the tuner items like adjustable fuel pressure regulator and cam phaser would offer more tuning ability.
It's good that you've thought of removing the mirrors, but that's nothing compared to the whole world of aeromods out there. I honestly don't think you'd make it to 100mpg without tapping most of them a decent amount.

Can you hack the p07 yet? The last time I was on it was not doable still....


My question to you experts is, do you think that this would be enough to get in the 100 mpg ballpark? Lighter weight, less drag, more engine efficiency, optimal tuning and setup?

Or would I just be wasting my time?
I think if you looked more into the aeromodding part of things, you would be well on your way to the realm of possibility.

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