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Hello From Alabama

Hello - new to the EcoModder Forum here.
I am driving a 2012 Ford XLT, which can hardly be considered to be anywhere near a eco-type form of transportation...but I need a truck, and this one does quite nicely...with its 5.0 L engine, I am getting about 20 mpg combined city/highway.

They say that, aerodynamically at least, moving a pickup truck down the road is about like pushing a big brick thru the air at some 60 mph. I am interested in doing some things to this truck to maybe improve its aerodynamic characteristics.

I know that the popular notion of adding a tonneau cover to the open bed of a pickup to improve mpg is way overblown in terms of reality. But one thing I am interested in is the idea of adding some diy grill shutters to this truck (in fact, searching on that "grill shutters" term is how I stumbled across Ecomodder). So I guess I'll be heading over to the aerodynamics forum to ask some questions over there.

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