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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Actually, the whole purpose of this was to make our cars MORE visible, not invisible.
Day-glo stripes and bright yellow on black checkers would help a boattail to get noticed by cell phone drivers.
Checkers and flat paint also break up any surface irregularities .
If a car was painted in digital camo, it would become a hazard.
Already, we drive slower than most everyone, so the last thing we need is to also not be seen.
Just look at the belly tank on that F/A18 . It is unrecognizable even sitting still.

I agree though that a car would look 'cool' in digital camo, but I want to be seen :-)
If you want visibility, then chose one of the color schemes used by the fighter aircraft in Von Richthofen's Circus (Jagdgeschwader Nr.I) in WWI. They were designed to make an individual pilot's plane instantly recognizable by the rest of the group, useful when coordinating aerial maneuvers in the days before on-board radio. The infamous all-red "red baron" triplane was one of milder color schemes used by that group.
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