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visit with Big Dave

Big Dave had business in the Ft.Worth area after the 4th of July and was able to come by late yesterday for a visit.
The heat index was high so we didn't spend a lot of time outside but we got to peruse each others pickups a little.
Dave was running his conveyor belt front airdam and color-matched A.R.E. fiberglass tonneau cover.I figure that with his robust ground clearance,that he could survive just about any Texas road kill,short of an 800-lb (363 kg)wild hog.
I got to experience his Gear Vendor Overdrive unit.I think I remember 1,035 rpm at 65 mph on I-35W.Unreal! This is something that Hucho and Gino Sovran has reported as very critical to streamlining in order to maximize mpg potential,by maintaining 'load' for BSFC purposes.
The Powermax Diesel could probably pull my house down the intestate without a blush.It's just torque on top of torque.
Anyway,we got to grab a meal in Sanger 'n toss some ideas around.
Dave got some tasty mpg numbers but I'm gonna wait 'til he's back home to report for the entire trip.He has some nice instrumentation in the cab which allows him to keep close tabs on critical powertrain parameters.Sweet!

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