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Ok, so I've been playing with the SG and managed to improve my city mpg. From an usual 27 mpg I managed to get to about 33 mpg and on some trips I got close to 35 mpg. I did this by using the engine in the 1000 - 1500 rpm. I have to say that the mpg numbers are pretty low, but the driving feeling suffers a lot.
My best consumption was done when the traffic was light, but otherwise it's very hard to keep up with the others using the engine in that rpm range. The engine is small and not very powerful by default, and the lpg doesn't help.
I tried searching for ways to improve the torque in the low rpm area ( at around 1k rpm ), but not much can be done without serious mods to the engine.
The only "tune" that I can think of is messing with the air intake so that I can move the torque curve to lower rpm.
I know that lpg has a high octane and I could mess around with advance but last time I serviced the car, I've been told that the engine pings a lot, so I would rather leave it alone.
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