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thanks, guys.

i've already sold Big Ben ($700 - way under priced).
someone supposed to be coming by to look at Skuttle Butt this saturday ($500 minimum even though i think $800 would be more appropriate).

The $700 whet toward the bills. hopefully all $500 can go toward the EV.
More money will come from having the project car itself due to local scrap yards:
Engine block: $300
Cat Converter: $200 - $500
metal from radiator, exhaust: $50 - $125
Starter and other copper containing components that can be scrapped: $50 - $200

Estimated total income for next step of project: $550 - $925

I'll make a full ongoing account tally when i start the build thread.

(i'm looking at scrap yards instead of craig's list so that i won't have to wait to find buyers)

I would see about just buying the Citicar that i found last weekend, but it's my understanding that they are only legal for under 40 speed limit streets. Although i may no longer plan to go over 40mph, I still would like access to the 45mph streets. (And my wife is STILL in awe of that car)

Current list of cars to look at IF he does indeed buy the car this weekend:
plymouth sundance $500.00
1981 honda civic 4speed manual - $500
Mitsubishi Eclipse 93' - $500
1989 Toyota Supra - $500
90 Eclipse GST whole car or parts - $450
1982 Toyota Celica - $500
1992 Toyota Paseo - $500

I know it may seem I'm jumping the gun, but i must be prepared because if i sale SkuttleButt on Saturday then I'll start shopping on the very same day for my new baby. So i want to be prepared.

I'm also trying to keep in mind the 5 most important things:
Stick shift
Light Weight
Room for batts and my 240+lbs monster motor.

By the way - asside from measuring font to back for motor space (17+inches counting shaft),
is it easy to measure axel to center motor space? (6+ inches minimum)

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