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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
How can a person check the battery life of a car when buying from an individual seller ?
Every Prius I've seen has had the battery charge level displayed in bars on the center LCD. Using a Scangauge II with the appropriate X-Gauge programmed in is another option that will give you a hard number. However, that is just the current battery level, not necessarily the battery's health. (I usually try to park my Escape with the battery low so it can just be charged during the warm up period the next time I drive, when the engine has to run anyway)

What is the most harmful to a batteries life - cycles used ( miles traveled ) or time ( age of car )
I've heard of hybrids used as taxis doing well over 300,000 miles with the stock battery.

What is the cost of a replacement battery pack ? From what i understand, it may be possible to refurbish. What is an honest rate for this service ?
I've seen around $3000 for a new pack thrown around a lot, but I don't know if that is from Toyota or a third party.

From what i understand, unlike an Insight 1stGen, a Prius cannot run at all without it's battery pack. Is this true ?
That is true. The electric motors are essential to the transmission's function, without them, you're going nowhere.

What tires does the Prius use, and if non low rolling resistance tires are installed, what kind of a mileage hit is to be expected ?

They came with LRR from the factory. You'll lose a few MPGs with regular tires, but it shouldn't be too much if you pump them up.

I recently bought an Escape Hybrid, which uses a hybrid system very similar to the Prius's. I was in the market for any small SUV that would return respectable mileage and be reliable. Of course the Escape Hybrid destroyed the competition with its fuel economy, but it also destroyed them in reliability (at least in my mind). I got mine with 130,000 miles on it and didn't even think twice.

From what I've seen, the Prius looks to have about the best reliability you can find. I wouldn't worry about the battery too much. Chances are probably greater that the tranny would die on another car than the battery on a Prius.
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