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DIY: Push Button Start

Everyone envies the person with the push button start. Perhaps it's that cool cat with the S2000 or the fuel miser with the hybrid, but they envy is still there. With this write up I intend to show everyone how easy it is to add this to your own vehicle. This was done using CRX wiring, but with a simple check of wiring this can be duplicated for almost any vehicle. If you do this don't forget to send me a picture of you setup!

Purpose: There's the bling factor of having a push button start (especially if you use the s2000 "engine start" button, the anti-theft factor if you wish to hide the button, and the convenience factor of having the button near the shifter if you are using it during engine off coasting.

Time: 1 hour

- Soldering Iron
- Wire Stripper/Crimper
- Screw Driver

- 1 SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) Relay - 3.99 at my parts store
- Some female quick connect ends - 2.99 at the parts store
- Wire
- Solder
- The button!

Check out this schematic and look at your SPDT relay, pretty simple. Figure out which wires are which and wire the stuff up. I labeled this with the colors that are actually used in my CRX. This write up is applicable to almost any car, but you'll need to figure out which wires are which if you want to do this to another car. Pretty simple. Most people use the S2000 start button, but you can use any button that is normally open and only connects when pressed.

And here's a picture of the S2000 button, just for reference:

Wire the stuff in there not too prettily just to make sure it works. Here's mine half done:

Another shot with indications and all that on it.

Get your button and figure out how to mount it. I am going the way of small button skirted by washer and then mounted in my cigarette lighter hole. Here's the washer pre mounting and painting. I hot glued and burnt myself quite a bit, be careful.

I put this little cone over the button to paint the washer.

Painted shots, looks decent to me:

Wrap your crippled, burning hand in wet stuff:

Mount up the button itself into the center console part.

Finished the install with the new button, check it out:

Here's a final shot having actually put the interior back in my car:

I'm very happy with it, piece of cake, as well.

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